The drought in the Karoo, tourism and you: everything you need to know (and how to help, too)

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The Karoo has always been a dry place. Her very name means ‘land of thirst’ to her original inhabitants. It’s part of her allure, and a key factor in the very special wildlife and plant life you find here. But the balance between ‘dry enough’ and ‘too dry’ is a fine one, and 2019 saw [...]

Keep the taps running freely: save water during your time in the Karoo

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It’s no secret that the Karoo is a dry place. Officially classed as a semi-desert environment, water has always been an important topic here. In recent years, with the advent of one of the worst droughts we’ve ever seen in the area, it’s become one of the most critical debates around. Droughts don’t only adversely [...]