Meet the Meerkat: More than Hakuna Matata

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Is the iconic Disney earworm already playing in your head? While Timon and Pumba made the Lion King the can’t-miss childhood movie of all time, did you know that the meerkat isn’t just a small, fuzzy creature with a lazy attitude? They’re a linchpin of the Kalahari ecosystem, and without them, vast ecological repercussions would [...]

Did you know: the meerkat is a critical part of the Karoo ecosystem?

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Here at Buffelsdrift Game Reserve, we can’t help but have a soft spot for the small creatures that make up the fascinating Kalahari ecosystem. While they don’t have the awe-inspiring magnificence of their bigger cousins, tiny animals (from the dung beetle to the meerkat) are just as important a piece of the environment. Without them, [...]