Today Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is celebrating another of our special staff members- Nadia Kleyn, our financial administrator for over a decade here on the reserve. With a name that translates as ‘hope’, what better way to slide into the promise of a fresh New Year than with her delightful tales of the lodge?

The love of Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn itself is Nadia’s hometown, so she’s long familiar with this gorgeous little area of the Karoo and it’s unique hold on everyone’s hearts. She believes that’s what keeps people coming back here, whether it’s locals returning home or repeat visitors. She’s always loved the Swartberg Mountains, providing such a beautiful backdrop to the area, and the utterly unique fynbos biome it supports. The mountains themselves have some of the highest diversity (and density) of plants in the world, making them a truly unique place to enjoy. The entire area of the Swartberg Mountain Nature Reserve was declared South Africa’s sixth World Heritage Site in 2004, and we can only hope it endures in its beauty for generations to come. 

Nadia’s Lodge favourites

On the reserve, what Nadia enjoys most is the spectacular predatory natures of our cheetahs. Our unique buffalo (celebrated in the name Buffelsdrift, of course) have also always caught her eye. That said, she always urges guests to make sure they experience the entire area for themselves. The Elephant Experience, Lion Experience and Bush Safaris all offer visitors a chance to create their own perspective for the area’s wildlife, flora and unique ecosystem. She especially recommends visitors opt for an elephant bruising or feeding experience, to enable you to get an up-close-and-personal perspective on these unique gentle giants in a way that’s not ethically possible in the wild. 

One day, when she’s explored all the scintillating sites the Karoo has to offer, Nadia hopes to visit Iceland- until then, she’s happy here in Oudtshoorn. 

From our home in the heart of the Karoo to yours this Festive Season, Nadia and the Buffelsdrift Game Lodge team hope you have a wonderful, uplifting time. We look forward to seeing you soon!