Meet the Team


  • What’s your name? (Does it have an interesting meaning?)

Amanda – Meaning “Lovable” in Latin. Van Niekerk – meaning that I did not find my “Trouman” yet. ?

  • What role do you fill & how long have you been at Buffelsdrift?

Reservation Manager. 12 Months 

  • What are your interests outside of work?

Reading, going to the beach – for long walks, hiking, studying @ UNISA (Tourism Management), Gardening, Painting & Drawing and finally but not least, Family!

  • Where did you grow up?

In my parents’ house…lol ? I grew up in Roodepoort’ Johannesburg.

  • What has been your favourite experience or sighting on the Buffelsdrift reserve?

The Fish Eagle, A Meerkat sitting on top of a bush, The cheetahs and rhinos. But my ultimate favourite is walking with our Ellies.

  • What is your top tip for anyone coming to Buffelsdrift? (Anything really… waterwise tips, food recommendations, sightings, etc).

Don’t waste water- first and foremost. There’s so much to take in, so live in the moment, take plenty of photos and come back soon!

  • Are you more interested in birds or animals? If so, what is a favourite you’ve seen on the reserve?

Birds!!! “Bosveld Stompstertjie”

  • Which experience would you highly recommend doing while at Buffelsdrift?

Definitely our Elephant Walk

  • What does living and working in the Karoo mean to you? (What’s the best part of being in the Karoo?)

Although I am not originally from the karoo, I believe this is where my roots are supposed to be. My heart just absolutely SINGS when I drive, or walk through the karoo. Wherever I turn my head, I am blown away by how stunning it is. There is great nostalgia surrounding the Swartberg Mountains… My Mother and her mother have loved this place for many years. 

  • If you could travel to any place in the world, were would it be and why?

Italy, I love History, old Churches, Art and Pasta!!! ?lol