South Africa and safari go together hand-in-hand- but it’s not just about the Big 5! The wealth of spectacular wildlife on show here at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is outstanding, and some of your most magical moments could well be with animals you’d never even expect to find on your tours through the bush. Made famous by the British TV series, Meerkat Manor, this charming and extraordinary member of the mongoose family has come to be an iconic part of the African landscape- and we’re proud to be able to offer you meerkat safaris that will guide you into the underground world of these tiny charmers. 

What is a meerkat?

The meerkat is often called the ‘African mongoose’, and it is a member of the suricates family. However, they’re only found in Africa, and favour semi-desert shrublands like the Karoo. 

People have long been enraptured by their adorable looks and dedication to family, but don’t let that fool you.  The meerkat is a master of teamwork, and can obliterate dangerous foes like snakes and scorpions. No trip to South Africa would be complete without them.

Buffelsdrift Meerkats

What is a Meerkat Safari?

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge are proud to offer you this exclusive chance to peer into the wonderful world of the meerkat. Sadly, despite their iconic status in the imagination of so many visitors, the meerkat can be seen as a pest in many aspects of life, especially where they cross human settlements and farming activities.

That’s why Buffelsdrift, with its focus on conservation efforts, has developed a strong research program for these animals, using the data we harvest to help ensure they remain part of the bush landscape for generations to come. 

Can I pet a meerkat?

While meerkat look adorable, and you may have experienced a tame mongoose or ferret at home, these are wild animals. We’re also venturing into the untamed bush to find them, so the chances of other animal encounters are large. Guests will keep within the safari vehicles for safety- but believe us, this won’t detract from your experience in the slightest!