Community Project

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge & Vreudge Voetjies Pre-School

Vreugde voetjies pre-school is driven to create a safe platform where the children in and around Oudtshoorn are developed in body, soul and spirit by dedicated teachers in a challenging community.

Within the greater area of Buffelsdrift, Schoemanshoek and Grootkraal, there are about 400 underprivileged households, with no access to running water and electricity. Their statistics also highlights some of the greater challenges these communities face, namely the rise in underage pregnancy, an increase in the level of alcohol abuse, and unemployment.

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is in proud partnership with this foundation. Buffelsdrift contributes to the payment of these incredible teachers’ salaries to aid in making a difference in our community. Our lodge also arranges trips to the pre-school for guests who would like to see this work in action, at no charge, to raise awareness of this wonderful project.

The History House of Hope/Vreugdevoetjies School

Since farmers Piet and Laura Schoeman bought a piece of the farm, Buffelsdrift, in 2003, it has been a dream in Laura’s heart to start a facility where small children could be cared for. With no formal educational training, she was not sure where to start and how to go about. The first step would be to get a building to convert into a school, but this was unsuccessful until October 2012 – when a local teacher from the community approached her for a building to start a school. For almost 10 years, she never gave up her dream.

Today, children receive 2 meals per day and one snack (fruit etc).  Nutritional food is priority, and the children’s health have increased in the months that they have attended the school. The daily menu includes fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, eggs, nutritious porridge and milk. These children are nurtured by a team of dedicated staff, and they are already seeing the difference these teachers have made in the lives of these children.

To read more about Vreugdevoetjies and their efforts in our community, download their proposal