It’s been a tough two years for our little ones. With the third term already on us, you’re probably already looking ahead to the end-of-year summer holidays, and wondering how to spice up your kids’ life so it doesn’t feel like just another stay-at-home season. Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is thrilled to be able to offer your family enrichment, fun, and excitement all in one spectacular package- so why not schedule some quality time in the bush these school holidays?

Magical Africa

People are drawn to the magic of the bush, and her immense diversity of animal life makes it easy to see why. For those of us who live here, however, it’s easy to become jaded to the natural beauty that makes up our day-to-day vista. As a safari game reserve, we’re perfectly placed to help you rediscover the exquisite beauty of the nature around us in a family-friendly, fun adventure. Head out on a game drive as a family, or enjoy any number of special bonding activities with the kids.

Africa’s littlest mischief-maker

Head out on a dawn mini-safari to discover the magic of meerkats. An iconic part of South Africa’s landscape and mythology, these members of the mongoose family are super social and highly intelligent. You’ll be able to catch them at rest just before heading out for a big day. Laugh at their antics, learn more about them, and keep your own little one’s minds entertained.

This trip is also great as a reminder to respect nature, as the wild meerkats cannot be approached or played with and your ranger’s guidance must be followed. This safari is best suited to slightly older children, so there’s an 8 year or older requirement.

Elephants, elephants everywhere!

Our conservation superstars are also waiting to meet the family! Too habituated to humans for safe wild release, Jubari, Bulelo and Malaika were orphans who had to be bottle raised to survive. Today these gentle, magnificent beasts roam the reserve under the watchful eye of their keeper, acting as ambassadors for our conservation efforts here at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge. You’ll be able to watch them being fed, brushed, bathed, and cared for, and even give them a