Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is aware and completely understand all the fears that our guests are facing out there, as we find ourselves in a very difficult time that is affecting all corners of the globe. We know that you are uncomfortable to travel at this moment and we are sensitive towards this. In this document you will read that Buffelsdrift Game Lodge have been up to date with all news regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and that we reviewed our cleaning and sanitation procedures/protocols. We have elevated our readiness to deal with this situation so that our guest will have a peace of mind when visiting Buffelsdrift Game Lodge again.

As top priority we have heightened our cleaning protocols which includes our game drive vehicles, tented accommodation and all guest facilities.

Operating a Lodge during this time of COVID-19 will bring about its own challenges, chief among those is the safety of our staff and our guests. Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitization have taken on a new role, which is equally important now during the lockdown as it will be afterwards at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge.


What we, as the Buffelsdrift Game Lodge Team, are doing to ensure the safety of our guest, visitors and staff:

  • Persons above 65 years of age may be asked to leave the Lodge, if the Managing Director feels that it is unsafe for them.
  • Supporting people with flu-like symptoms by showing them to the closest practitioner to treat their symptoms
  • Ensuring separation distances between staff and Guest
  • Disinfecting highly touched surfaces regularly
  • Maintaining good hygiene, particularly hand hygiene and good cough/sneeze etiquette
  • High-risk staff will be allocated to smaller shifts, lower risk areas, be given additional PPE e.g., visors and will work from home where this is possible

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge provides private transport for staff that cannot live on the Reserve. We will reduce as far as possible that staff uses public transport.

  • Keeping records of all guest/visitor/passenger/client details plus recent and planned travel information to facilitate contact tracing
  • Staff contact details will be up-to-date and all details of staff on all shifts, drivers of vehicles etc., will be meticulously recorded.
  • All Employees to sign a COVID Indemnity Agreement.
  • The Managing Director as well as all Managers will sign a pledge to adhere to industry protocols.

The safety of guests and staff as our top priority, has continuously revised and fine-tuned its operational protocols, prior to lockdown, and now as we continue with this pandemic we will still be closely monitoring the situation and adapting our protocols to ensure that they meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning so that Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is managed according to the TBCSA standard COVID-19 protocols.

Before Buffelsdrift Game Lodge re-opens again we will implement our protocols at the Lodge to ensure a safe working environment as well as discuss and train our staff and suppliers.

Educating staff (ongoing)
On what the virus is; where the disease outbreak began; ways in which it is transmitted; symptoms to look out for; and daily measures to prevent contamination and spread of viruses in personal, operational and guest spaces.

Staff hand sanitizers (alcohol based)
This will be available in back of house areas (such as kitchen, office, laundry, staff restaurant and bathrooms) as well as front of house guest areas (such as reception desk, bar and restaurant).

Protective wear
Such as protective gloves (and face masks as required) are issued to Managers, Housekeeping staff, Restaurant Staff, Guides and public area Guest Service Staff when on duty. Cleaning of equipment with a disinfectant cleaner will be done regularly.

Avoiding close contact
With anyone who is coughing, sneezing and feverish. Anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness to be reported to the manager of that specific department for further action to take place, such as contacting the NICD hotline.

Screening of guests and staff
On arrival screening has become necessary in accordance with the national state of disaster pronounced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 15 March 2020. Therefore, in order to prevent an infected person from checking into the Lodge guests will be required to:

  • Guest and staff will allow their temperature to be scanned with a thermal scanner by the staff member at the main gate of the Lodge before entering the premises.
  • All staff members that make use of the Lodge’s transport, will be screened, by our driver, before they get picked up at their homes.
  • Guest will have to do another temperature screening at Lodge reception desk to com